Celebrating National Deviled Egg Day

 Update: this post is an oldie, but a goodie, and yes, I have celebratory deviled eggs already in my fridge.

It’s National Deviled Egg Day. I’m going to knock out 2 birds with one stone this morning. (See what I did there?)  I have quail eggs and chicken eggs on my stove cooling.

Background on the quail eggs. We have a Texas-sized gas station here in our lone star state called Buc-ees. If you are familiar, you know it’s a must  when you are traveling. If you are passing through Texas, it’s a must. From free samples of fudge to beaver nuggets to the cleanest restrooms you’ll find on any interstate, this iconic stop has become a tourist destination. Our local Buc-ees is where I discovered jalapeno pickled quail eggs. Now, I have never had a pickled egg of any sorts before in my life until eating one of these. I still have not had any other type of pickled egg. I just do not want to ruin what I have experienced. The quail egg is so delectable. It is the perfect sized accompaniment on-top of a burger.  This tiny morsel makes it the perfect portion of protein. I was so excited when I finally located them fresh in Houston at the Asian market. I bought 2 dozen and will attempt today to pickle the quail eggs. The chicken eggs are getting deviled.

Although the first recipes for deviled eggs first dates back to the late 1700’s there have never been any real rules to what all you can use. Bacon, guacamole, tobiko, jalapeno, paprika, mayo, siracha, mustard, pickles, anything goes. Making it one of the perfect brunch to hor d’oeuvres foods.

How do you take yours? Are you adventurous or traditional?

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