7 Affordable Gift Giving Ideas for Her This Christmas

*some, but not all of these links may contain affiliate links. all are products that i believe in and back. 

I have put together a quick list of my favorite top 7 gifts for your teen, friend, mom, sister, co-worker, or any other woman in your life you are wanting to wish a Merry Christmas to. 

1.Makeup Junkie Bags









I want them all. This WILL be the best makeup bag you have ever owned. Launched just a little over a year ago in her kitchen, this mama made her first bag and the rest was history. She cannot keep these things stocked. Every Friday morning the site is stocked again. Each bag is handmade. The inside is water resistant. They are just stunning.  The design is so that your bag lays flat and your makeup never falls out or over. She also has a line of Man Junk bags and Mommy Junkie bags incase you are needing a gift for your man or a new mommy/mommy to be. First time visitors can receive a special percentage off. 

2. Loopy Cases


This case has been so super rad. I cannot even remember life before owning this sweet lil baby.  It makes carrying a wallet, keys, glasses and my phone so much easier. Hands up if you are guilty of dropping your phone on your head at night. Come on, don’t you be shy now. We’ve all done it.  This case has cut those chances down for me by 99.9%. 





3. Swell Bottle

These things are pretty dope. They are insulated, come in a beautiful assortment of colors, and are super eco-friendly. 

4. Jumpin Jammerz

I LOVE these jammies. I have a few pairs of them and I dare to admit I could wear them all day.  These are going to be a favorite gift. 







5. Pampered Chef Chopper

My favorite kitchen doodad.  It saves so much time it is amazing.  Saves on the tears too when you have those onions to chop. Which is my favorite use. 

6. Oil Diffuser


I keep mine by my bed and will normally run it before bed. It’s calming and perfectly relaxing right before bed.  




7. goodr Sunglasses

This biz got its start on kickstarter. It didn’t take them long to take off.  They’re huge in the running world, so last time we were in our local running shoe store I snagged a pair.  HAHAHA. Not to run in silly. To sit and watch all those sweaty soccer games in. I figured, if they’re designed to be no-slip no-bounce for a runner, then they’re gonna be good enough for this chair toting sweet tea sippin mama. They hold up to their promise. They are all polarized and super comfortable and come in amazing colors. and at $25 a pair, it’s a steal!  


There’s my list to get you started. Do not forget to sign up for your free EBATES account for extra savings and when you shop for the first time using your account earn an instant $10 from this link!